In this workshop participants play with thickened lemon juice with stencils, masks, screens and on it's own.  As the images do not appear until heat is applied with an iron or heat gun, there are always surprises! Kits will be provided for each participant. Details upon booking.

Silk Screening Lemon Juice
Painting with Lemon Juice
Stencils and Lemon Juice
Shibori and Lemon Juice.
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Introduction to Design

How did I get from a photo of a piece of antique printed linen to the stitched bird?  That is the adventure and fun you will experience in creating your own designs. This introductory course will teach several methods which can be used over and over again to create your own designs from any source of inspiration. Students create a minimum of 14 original designs. This workshop is available on-line or in person. Email me at for details.


Surface Design Techniques

Choose one or more of the following surface design techniques.

I will create a workshop to meet the interests of your group.

Kits will be provided if desired.

Paper lamination - a process of laminating paper to fabric. Stitchability remains intact.

Image Transfer - several techniques to put images on fabric.

Creating Textile Beads - using several materials to create original beads.

Lutradur, Evolon and Tyvek - ways to use these fibres in textile artwork.

Heat and Fire - melting and altering various textiles.

Acrylic Felt - Focus on this particular textile and how it can be altered and used in textile works.

Inktense Crayons and Blocks - uses on papers and fabric.

Wheat Paste Collage - using wheat paste, collage papers and fabrics to create artworks.


Felting Pods

This workshop is a basic wet felting workshop. Participants will learn how to use a flat resist and a balloon to create a bowl, pod or bird house. Kits will be provided for each participant. Details upon booking.

Various shapes can result from using the same resist.

The completed pod can be

embellished with hand embroidery.

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